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BIP's Autumn Fund Drive

We need your help today to continue efforts to improve honey bee health

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Bee Informed Partnership Needs Your Help!

At Bee Informed Partnership, we consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by such an amazing community of friends made up of beekeepers, scientists, and enthusiasts that we have the privilege to serve in support of Honey bees. So we ask once again for your support to help BIP continue that service.

BIP collects data, supports beekeepers, and manages and maintains the largest honey bee health database in the country. We are constantly working to secure new funding sources to ensure sustainability of our mission to provide the resources needed to increase colony survivorship by providing relevant, timely colony data for beekeepers to make informed management decisions. We provide educational resources and information on the importance of honey bees for our food supply and those issues impacting honey bee health to the public and to beekeepers. We remain hopeful that reducing colony loss is an achievement that all those in our community can help with and we are passionate about making that happen.

To reach our fundraising goals to meet our sustainability goals, we urgently need your help! By donating today, you can make a huge difference in honey bee health for generations to come while supporting an organization who shares your values.

The most impactful way to support BIP is by making a recurring sustaining contribution or a one-time donation now. If you would like to support BIP and receive a gift to help spread the word about our work, please visit and select "BIPs Pollen Basket".

Thank you for your generosity!

With deep gratitude,

The Bee Informed Partnership Team