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Help Get the LMS Data Explorer Back Up!

By donating today, you help provide accessible resources for understanding impacts to honey bee health!

$725 raised

$7,500 goal

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

Funding will go towards revision of the LMS Data Explorer!

For nearly 20 years, the annual Loss & Management Survey has gathered invaluable data from thousands of beekeepers on what has led to losses in their operation and what management practices they have implemented. With annual mortality continuing to rise, it's more important than ever to have access to clear and concise information to help better understand these losses to share with the public. Your gift of any amount will provide the time and tools needed to reconstruct the Loss & Management Survey data explorer tool to better serve the community and move towards greater understanding of annual losses in the US.

Why is it currently unavailable?

Evolving internet technologies and threats created the need to reimagine how we share data with the public in a productive and informative way! Our work depends on funding from grants, our current participant-paid programs, and the generous support of you, our donors.

Please consider donating to support this effort as a way to support and improve honey bee health. You can make an even greater impact by making a recurring monthly donation!

We will include the name of all donors who contribute $25 or more in our list of supporters for the project and have a special tier for individuals or groups who are able to contribute $500 or more, which will be located on the data explorer web page.