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Help Provide Much Needed Funding for Bee Informed Partnership! image

Help Provide Much Needed Funding for Bee Informed Partnership!

They give for us to survive, Give so they can survive!

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

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We implore you to join our mission to save the bees.

Their vital role in pollinating our food crops and sustaining our ecosystems cannot be overstated. Without these industrious pollinators, our world would be a less colorful, less diverse, and less nourishing place. Their survival is intertwined with our own. We must take action to protect their habitats, reduce harmful pesticides, and support bee-friendly practices. Together, we can ensure that the hum of bees continues to grace our planet, sustaining life and reminding us of the profound interdependence of all living beings. Please, let's come together to save the bees and safeguard the future for us all.

Let’s support the good in the world and make a difference. Together, we can help the Bee Informed Partnership with their national efforts to monitor colony losses and management efforts to improve honey bee colony health!

Please join me in making a real change for honey bees.